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Enterprise Culture

Qingdao Jiuzhou plastic machinery Co.,Ltd. Specializes in manufacturing high capacity and excellent quality plastic machinery equipment. The company creates good economic and social benefit by right of high technology, excellent product and perfect after-sales service.
Enterprise Sprit: comity, go all out in work, practice, innovation, mutual-benefit
Quality Title:   Strive for existence by quality
                         Strive for development by innovation
                         Strive for satisfactory by service
Mission:          Create the value for the customers
                         Create the opportunity for our own
                         Create the wealth for the society
Extruder Ideal: High-precision control
High-efficient production
High-quality manufacturing
       Depending on excellent quality and perfect service system, the company will extend plastic machinery market constantly and seek isochronous growth of enterprise benefit and social value.
       Your satisfactory is our goal. Qingdao Jiuzhou plastic machinery company is your good partner in cooperation in plastic machinery, we sincerely wish to create brilliant future for you. 
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