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Plastic Extruding Granulation Unit


The assembly line distinguishing feature:Made up of Single Screw Extruder or Double Conical Screw Extruder and theirs corresponding auxilizry devices.Used to produce different uses plastic granules such as PVCand PE and so on.The manufacturing plastic pellets are even, dense and beautiful.The molding and blend effect of main machine is uniform in this unit,and structure is tight.The wind sending & gathering and vibration separate type cool system of assistance machine adopted have high automation degree and production efficiency. 


Screw Diameter 65mm 90mm 120mm 150mm
L/D 1:25--1:30 1:25--1:30 1:25--1:30 1:25--1:30
Rotation Speed(rpm) 50--80 50--80 50--80 50--80
Driving Motor 18.5 22 30 45
Output(kg/h) 60--80 100--120 150--200 200--300

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