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PPR PP PE PERT PEX PB Pipe Production Line


Single-layer or multi-layer pipe production line is suitable to produce PPR,PP,PE,PERT,PEX,PB single-layer or multi-layer pipes. This line uses one or three extrudersfor co-extrusion,adopts PPR,PE or PP as main material,the middle layer is glassfiber or other plastics.


Single-layer or multi-layer pipe production line is made by the advanced technic from Germany and designed as the high efficient extruder according to the producing characteristics of PPR,PP,PE,PERT,PEX,PB,and consists of high torque gearbox,new type slotted barrel with the high outt,low melting temperature and realize the low temperature plastifization indeed.


Type Pipe spec(mm) Extruder Max. output(kg/h) Total Power(KW)
JBD-PPR-63(single) 20-63 JBD65/33 100-120 110
JBD-PPR-63(double) 20-63 JBD65/33 120-180 150
JBD-PERT-32(low speed) 16-32 JBD65/33 80-100 110
JBD-PERT-32(high speed) 16-32 JBD65/33 180-220 140

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