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HDPE Large Diameter Pipe Production Line


 This Large diameter HDPE/MDPE fuel gas/water supply pipe production line is mainly used for producing large diameter HDPE/MDPE pipe. The pipe has some excellent features such as heating resistant, aging resistant, high mechanical strength, environmental stress cracks resistant, good creep resistant, etc. It is a preferred gas conduit for ductwork systems between city and its suburb, water supply in city. 


1. High efficiency extruder is designed for HDPE pipe, equipped with reducer which is high speed and low noise, feeding section with cooling unit and reversing spiral groove, different pitch undulant screw which allows great output, lower melting temperature, and lower energy consumption. 
2.Distributed spiral composite extrusion die-head ensures the melting pressure and flux even and stable, the surface of pipe smooth and glossy.
3.Vacuum calibration and spray water cooling tank made of stainless steel ensures precise calibration and fast cooling.
4.Adopts multi claws haul-off unit, speed adjusted by frequency inverter.
5.Equipped with planetary cutter. Be able to cut large diameter and thick wall pipe.
6.Equipment with pipe-making line.


Type Diameter(mm) Extruder Max. Output(kg/h) Power(KW)
JBD-800 450-800 JBD90/33 1000-1300 600
JBD-1000 630-1000 JBD90/33 OR JBD120/33 1000-1300 650
JBD-1200 800-1200  JBD120/33 1000-1500 900
JBD-1600 1000-1600 JBD120/33 OR JBD150/33 1000-1700 1300
JBD-2500 1400-2500 JBD120/33 OR JBD150/33 1500-2000 1400
JBD-3000 2000-3000 JBD150/33 2000-2500 1550


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