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HDPE thermal insolution pipe production line


  Vacuum calibration method is one of the main method of the plastic pipe calibration method, There are two vacuum calibration purpose: first, in order to obtain accurate size; the second is to make the plastic along the calibration set of lining is pressed tight .  Through the establishment of pipe lumen and the wall between the differential pressure, make the pipe outside surface by adsorption in sizing set inside, outside diameter and wall thickness requirements.

Most manufacturers use inside inflatable, external cooling sizing method to produce directly buried insulating pipe, This method can be used to produce phi 655 under small diameter, For the production of 960, 1054, 1155, 1380 such large diameter straight buried insulating pipe, adopted inside inflatable method exists significant security hidden danger, Once the tubing thread breakage, most likely crisis of people's life, and waste is serious, pipe wall thickness is not uniform, each sealing port must be secondary processing, affect the production efficiency.

Qingdao Jiuzhou plastic machinery Co., LTD. Based on this information, summarize experience, innovation and development of a new generation of vacuum sizing method of thermal insulation pipe production line. For 90 line and 150 line; 90 line production range - φ110 mm -φ655 mm (tube skin outside diameter); 150 line production range φ760 mm -φ1600 mm (tube skin outside diameter). The process instead of the old process defects, make simple pipes production, roundness and perfect appearance, pipe wall thickness uniformity, incision neatly, and does not need to sealed gas machine, sealing port don't need secondary processing, less waste, high yield, efficiency, more than double higher than that of internal aeration method, and save human resources and environmental resources, is the ideal production equipment which produce the large diameter straight buried insulating pipe. Vacuum calibrating method of production of thermal insulation pipe is a kind of innovation of the industry, the unit mainly include extruder, head, mold, vacuum sizing boxes, and other components of the tractor, simple, reliable, mature production technology, and is safe.


  Insulation pipe is widely used in central heating, cooling, and hot oil conveying and warm room, cold storage, coal, petroleum, chemical industries such as heat/cold engineering.


 1、Adopts a frequency control and energy-saving motor, is a kind of AC constant torque control motor, through the inverter control and achieve the infinite speed adjustment, wide speed range, save electricity, small control power, good startup performance, torque high, etc .
2、Using high hardness of the gear box, transmission reliable, convenient maintenance, suitable for work for a long time.
Plasticizing screw design is reasonable, in the condition of high speed, the material is not easy to decompose, the screw can speed up the process of melting materials, reduce the pressure fluctuations, make uniform products, high production yield. 
4、The feeding hopper type section is equipped with KTV bushing , which can accelerate the particle transfer rate, so that the extrusion machine performance is stable.
5、Equipped with dual channel automatic temperature control device, heating temperature fluctuation is small, according to the different plastic processing technology, choose the ideal heating temperature, and can automatically control the nose, the temperature of the barrel. 
6、Cooling fan is directly connected to the heating circle, to improve the cooling effect of barrel.




Haul off machine


Rang of pipe


JBD-400-4 claw

φ 110φ250

φ 75-φ400


JBD-800-6 claw

φ 420

φ 400-φ760


JBD-1500-8 claw

φ 760

φ 600-φ1400


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