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PVC Fiber Soft Pipe Production Line


PVC fiber reinforced soft pipe, also called as PVC net grid pipe, is commonly called as plastic plica tube, suitable for transporting corrosive and compressive gas and liquid. extensively apply to machinery, colliery, petroleum, chemical industry, agriculture irrigation, building construction and civil construction (such as solar water heater, gas tank, natural gas and so on). Now it is also used for irrigating parterre and lawn.



Diameter range 8-50mm
Material PVC granule
Power supply Three-phase, 380V, 50HZ ( as per customers' city power condition)
Capacity Max.80-120kg/hr
Install power 50kw
Dimension 16000*4000*2400(mm)


1 SJ-65/28 single screw extruder two sets
2 Die head One suit
3 Cooling tank  two sets
4 Haul-off machine two sets
5 Braided machine One set
6 Winder One set


Process : raw materials-extruding out-cooling unit-traction - Winding-extruding
out-traction - winding

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