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Plastic Hot Cutting Granulating Production Line


PVC Hot Cutting Granulating Machine is mainly used for hot cutting PVC mterial into granules. Recycled waste pvc material

The Plastic Recycling Machine is mainly used for recycling waste PVC products, to make PVC granules from PVC powder. The finished product is granules.

This unit consists of mixer, spring feeding machine, conical twin screw extruder, die head, pelletizing machine, 2-stage air conveying device, storage silo etc. This unit adopts hot-cutting extrusion method to produce pellets, mainly for PVC granulating. It features in advanced technology, widely used, uniformed pellets, high production capacity etc.


Model Screw Dia Granule Spec Drive Power(KW) Cooling Mode Output(kg/h)
JBD55/110 55/110 Φ3-4 22 by Fan 100-120
JBD65/132 65/132 Φ3-4 37 by Fan 220-260
JBD80/156 80/156 Φ3-4 55 by Fan 320-450
JBD92/188 92/188 Φ3-4 110 by Fan 650-800

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